Tré Taylor is a world class vocalist whose imaginative and dynamic sense of melody and soulful rhythm have mesmerized audiences for over 35 years.  Taylor is an energetic earthy yet sophisticated jazz singer with strong R&B and gospel leanings.  As a child, her Grandmother played the classic jazz and big band standards on old 78 records throughout her youth leaving deep impressions on her at an early age. Growing up in Northern California, Taylor began singing in gospel choirs.  She has studied with vocal instructors Raz Kennedy, (a founding member of Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra), David Stroud (Executive Director of Seth Riggs Speech Level Singing Program) and The Jazz School in Berkeley CA. 

Taylor worked as a lead vocalist and toured the country in Rhythm & Blues, Americana bands, Big Funk Corporate Dance Bands throughout the 1980's & 1990's. After the death of her mother, Taylor found her own style of unique blues and jazz expressions in music, art and spoken word poetry.  In 1999, a talented friend Doug Wendt and Taylor started a jazz project called Tré Taylor and The Dangerous Martini Quartet. They were featured at The Plush Room, San Francisco, performed for a decade in the Fillmore Jazz Preservation District and the Wine Country, Napa & Sonoma, California. 

Tré Taylor has taken a leave of absence from live performing currently to get knee replacement surgery.




"The sounds of Tré Taylor fill the room with a sensuality that seems to bead and drip from the ceiling like thick moisture.  You can't escape it.  Not since hearing Carl Weathersby's cover "Feels Like Rain" at Buddy Guy's Legends have I felt such energy.”

- Michael Richard, A. P. Stumps, San Jose, CA


She's beautiful and in charge with her outstanding four octave vocal range. She is sassy, bluesy yet darkly compelling. You can sometimes even hear a 'Wink' in her voice."

- Melinda McFerrin, September 2003




"Dust off that martini shaker one more time, folks- the cocktail movement is not quite dead….that is, at least if music like this remains readily available!  

Dangerous Martini featuring vocalist Tré Taylor, is a jazz quintet based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  A competently concocted slice of cocktail jazz to sooth the soul and arouse the senses.  Taylor is an earthy yet sophisticated jazz singer with soulful passionate tones. Her style is immediately sensual, a super mood maker.  Fans of Diana Krall and Norah Jones will find Tré Taylor worth checking out."

- Russell Brubeck

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