By Tré Taylor


14th Anniversary & Artistic Restoration Project

My Shagalicious 1973 Type 2 VW Transporter Bus


The inspiration:

I am a Jazz vocalist with a SWANK VW Bus!

I am a soulful torch singer in the San Francisco Bay Area, that has been crooning tunes for over 25 years.

Our family wagon was a VW Squareback in the 70's.  I had a yellow 1971 Super Beetle for many years. I eventually needed a good band van and a "Green Room" for my not so swanky gigs, so I bought this old hippie bus in Berkeley, CA off of Craigslist back in 2004 for $800. It was faded blue and had Grateful Dead stickers all over it. 

Some of my best friends are hippies, but that ain't my style.  "So, of course I had to Shagify my ride."

I am putting the 'Hep', in Hippie Bus.


Here is what I have

been able to do so far:

Swanky new license plate


While listening to Philip K. Dick's Valis on audiobook, I hand painted the leopard print

(That fabric taped to the window I'm tracing is going to be the new upholstery)

The designs of the animal print may be infused with gnosis.



I applied dazzling red glitter (Sealed with surf board resin)

These photos don't even do the sparkle factor justice.




Hand sculpting the VW bumpers with SKRATCH



The interior "Gold Finger" texturing


She also got a Fantastic Vent

It sucks & blows better than your mom, and feels like a skylight in the space inside.

I'm getting a solar panel to run it and the cool LED lights!


She also comes with her own matching custom made


It seats 8 people comfortably, 10 if you count 2 bartenders behind it. All the stools fold up for easy storage as well!

(Special thank you to Paul McGregor, for helping me design and build this cocktail bar fantasy come to life.)

Here is a torturously long video of the making of the Boomerang Bar!


The bar is 4 pieces and folds up flat and fits in my VW Bus. It's amazingly lightweight.  There are latches underneath that keep it firmly fitted together.  It has two shelves in the back.  The whole bar is trimmed with aluminum to keep it protected and gives it strength and sexy clean lines. 

I did the glamorizing part, the upholstering, painting and the bar top. It looks like glass!  To make sure it would survive the hardest of parties, I used 3 coats of Extra Hard Marine Grade Flame Resistant Polymer Resin and the last and top finishing coat of Ultra-Glo Polymer Coating.

Boomerang Bar & Leopard Lounge Camp



The bar folds up and fits in two cases

I sewed using furniture pad blankets.




West Coast Glamping Community | Come join the fun! | CA glamping from the San Francisco Bay Area

In Northern California there is a big bunch of fun, adventurous, talented folks who gather together a few times a year and set-up luxurious tents, restored vintage trailers, classic camper vans, and other fun recreational vehicles and glamorously camp in select remote places all over the Western United States. Most of us are from the San Francisco Bay area, but we have glampers from SoCal, Oregon, Washington and even Canada.

Learn more about our glamping group here


This is fun!  You can have a Leopard Lair of your own!

A graphic artist friend Tom Butler made a fun paper cut out check this out!

Click for large size and print it out! 

Assemble one of your own!


Here she is originally (Formerly known as The Fahrvernpüssy Lounge)

2004 - 2014

"The word Fahrvernpüssy has been spelled a couple different ways over time. 

When people ask me what Fahrvernpüssy means,

I find out if they are familiar with the old VW term Fahrvergnügen,

if they say no...

I just tell them that  "It's German for 'Frisky Kitty."

Now in the Urban Dictionary HERE!

 To's "Driving Purring Pleasure!"

(See if you can spot the 15 gallon Keg in this photo...) looks like a table...

Glass mosaic art wet bar cover awesome gift, made by Artist Sherry Tobin

Memory foam bed, 700 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets - That's how I roll when camping.

Glamorous Camping! It's all about camping without roughing it!

I have a nice side tent/canopy and snap on screens for the sliding door and back hatch.

I always have a free cozy place to stay the night.

The spare tire cover I designed.  It was handmade by Joy Johnson.

MUCH MORE TO COME!!! Stay Tuned!





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