How to be a successful cult leader

by Tré Taylor


Cult Leader Characteristics 101:

Mind Control: Manipulate subject by the use of coercive persuasion or behavior modification techniques advanced in hypnotic language patterns without subjects informed consent. 

Charismatic Leadership: Claim special knowledge and or skills, demand unquestioning obedience with power and privilege, excessive discipline and expectations. Demand perfection at all times. Leadership may consist of one individual or a small group of core leaders or collection of friends and or lovers. Demonstrate integrity and charm with precision and congruency. 

Deception: Learn the value of Recruiting and Fundraising with hidden objectives and without full disclosure of the use of mind controlling techniques; use "front groups, or business opportunities". Display behaviors reflecting integrity and honesty in regards to honor and commitment. Give your best speech on your philosophy. Promise money or favors, but never in writing.  Change the rules when it comes time to deliver your end of the deal. Always make use of the " Hand Shake Contract". Learn the art of lying congruently at will. 

Exclusivity: Secretiveness or vagueness by followers regarding activities and beliefs. Intimacy and boundary issues with followers. Call one of your followers into the office and make sure to say "You are the best one of the team and are next to be promoted". Make sure to tell everyone the same thing. 

Alienation: All followers will naturally feel the need to separate from family, friends and society, a change in values and substitute the cult as the new "family" or "new criteria" evidence of subtle or abrupt personality changes occur. The best test of your success is when they leave their life behind with no understanding why or ability to explain why. 

Exploitation: Can be financial, physical or psychological; pressure to give money, to spend a great deal on courses or give excessively to special projects. Expect to them to work excessive hours without pay and to engage in inappropriate sexual activities. 

Totalitarian World view (we/they syndrome): Effecting dependence, promoting goals of the group over the individual and approving unethical behavior while claiming goodness. 

Important Techniques Of Mind Control



* Group pressure: Discourages doubts and reinforces the need to belong through the use of child-like games, singing, hugging, touching or flattery. Enhance their need for recognition by telling them "You just never tried hard enough", or if they threaten to quit, "You were never truly committed enough anyway", works very well. 

* Isolation/Separation: Creates inability or lack of desire to verify information provided by the group with reality. Get them to live in your philosophy with few people supporting that reality. Never let them get close enough to others to really be known intimately. Works best if they create posters of their new philosophy and post them in every open space of their environment. 

* Thought Controlling and Feeling Stopping Techniques: Introduce recruit to meditating, chanting, and repetitious activities which, when used excessively, induce a perfect state of high suggestibility. Teaching time control maintenance techniques should be intertwined with cults mindset for full effective results. When they are scheduling every minute of they're life with you in mind, they are on they're way. When certain emotions come up, have subject keep those feelings  locked out with the use of "state control techniques" until they are ready to explode at the appropriate time for breakdown and surrender themselves completely to you. 

* Fear and Guilt: Induced by eliciting confessions to produce intimacy and to reveal fears and secrets, to create emotional vulnerability by overt and covert suggestion or threats, as well as alternation of punishment and reward. Subject should easily "Fall In Love" with 1 or more fellow cult participants to ensure commitment to the group and each other. This makes it easy to get them to leave their old lives behind and follow you. Exercises requiring facing extreme fear or death defiling "Metaphorical Breakthrough Experiences" helps in faster and easier conversions. 

* Sleep Deprivation: Encourage under the guise of spiritual exercises, necessary training, or " To stretch your personal boundaries" or in urgent projects. Works best when dance music is playing really loud. When they can't stop dancing and are in complete physical exhaustion, they're yours. 

* Inadequate Nutrition: Sometimes disguised as special diet to improve health or advance spirituality, or as rituals requiring fasting. Require extreme changes in eating, such as "Vegan" or as part of the group or cult regime. Control subjects feeding times at unpredictable and unexpected times throughout the day and night, if at all. Result: They will not be able to eat eventually until you tell them to, and only if it is what you tell them they can eat. The ultimate result is when you teach them how to breath, and they think of you whenever they do. 

* Sensory Overload: Forces acceptance of complex new doctrine, goals and definitions to replace old values by expecting recruit to assimilate masses of information quickly with little or no opportunity for critical examination. The perfect recruit will let go of all their past beliefs overnight to follow you. 




How To Know You're Successful


You know you are successful if you can check off this list (links): 




It Takes a Good Follower

To Make A Good Cult Leader




"Don't give up your education, your hopes and ambitions, to follow a rainbow."  - Jenne Mills, former member of the People's Temple and subsequent victim of assassination a year following the November 18, 1978 Jonestown suicide/murders of 911 adults and children.

"When you meet the friendliest people you have ever known, who introduce you to the most loving group of people you've ever encountered, and you find the leader to be the most inspired, caring, compassionate and understanding person you've ever met, and then you learn that that cause of the group is something you never dared hope could be accomplished, and all of this sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true!"

Learn From The Cult Leader Experts


Sales people have been among the first to be successful at using psychological cult leader techniques to manipulate people. ... Usually you know if someone is selling a product, so you are prepared and therefore cautious.  Increasingly stupid people are being maneuvered into joining very large group gatherings where they are processed through powerful psychological techniques to sell them when they thought they were just attending an "information evening." 



One cult marketing group used group hypnosis to make people fire-walk and then immediately afterwards, while they were still in a highly aroused state, got them to sign expensive business contracts to learn to become teachers of fire-walking themselves!  One of the best known multi-level marketing organizations is Amway. This hugely successful company started selling soap powder and now in some countries even sells cars. In order to make the most money in Amway, or to be truly "successful," it is necessary to move "up line" by recruiting more and more distributors like yourself, who themselves recruit distributors and so on.  You make money not just from the goods you sell but by getting a percentage of what the distributors, and by planning to pay or not pay your employees or down-line. You have recruited sell as well and convert well.

As with all cult sales and marketing jobs, this requires extremely hard work and high motivation and easy brain washing for the cult leader on the go. Increasingly, Amway is adopting similar techniques to many cults in order to attract recruits, then to keep them involved and committed to the cause.  For instance Amway distributors are instructed not to tell you they are selling Amway up front. Usually you are asked to attend a meeting about an "exciting new business opportunity." In fact Amway's name may not be mentioned until after a good hour of sales pitch.  The approach of the marketing organization is usually quite evangelical. It asks if there is something missing your life, and offers all sorts of emotional inducements: 

In many ways Amway is more like a fundamentalist religion than a direct marketing business, with money, and freedom as the God. Joining Amway is often described, by its distributors, as like a religious or spiritual and life changing experience.  Distributors and covert cult leaders are encouraged to recruit first among their family and friends, an action that can very quickly put open, trusting relationships on very shaky footing as friendship is exploited for the cults perfect financial gain. 

 Amway distributors become aware of where a potential recruit is emotionally most vulnerable by asking questions like "What is missing from your life?" "How did you get to be such a loser?" " How specifically?"   Friendships and relationships are further abused when the target tries to say no. The skilled Amway distributor may turn this into a personal rejection of himself, and the recruit can be made to feel guilty that he or she is turning down a friend. This is an excellent strategy for conversion. 

Many people have told me about relationships they valued highly that were never quite the same after they tried to recruit a friend or family member to Amway as well as other cult marketing associations.  A side effect of this is that a new Amway distributor very quickly becomes dependent on other distributors "who think the same," for friendship as well as business relationships. Amway encourages more and more dependence on the Amway family and its values. 

For instance, a distributor told me about Amway's recommendations to deal with problems in marriage (because of the demands Amway places on a partner's time and priorities!).  He said Amway suggested it was not a good idea to consult a professional marriage counselor, who would probably not understand how Amway worked.  "Instead marriage and personal problems should be dealt with in-house by going "upline" to an Amway distributor at a higher level. The fully trained and skilled cult leader can be the most  successful marriage and family councilor. 

This intelligently restricts a distributor's emotional resources to Amway and its particular value system--one which sees wives, only as their husband's assistants, and regards men as being the sole decision-makers in marriage, or until she has learned the power of being a cult leader herself.  Books and tapes are produced targeted directly at Amway wives and the role they are expected to play. To keep distributors involved and active, followers should be required to join the tape of the week club and listen every free moment of the day. 

They should also attend weekly meetings that are held where people are encouraged to talk about personal as well as business difficulties with they're personal experiences. Good cult leaders use this time wisely.   The "upline" distributor--the one who has recruited others and therefore takes a percentage of their sales functions as a priest, to whom failures to fulfill Amway commitments and expectations can be confessed and absolved, and further commitments made as a way of paying penance. 


Extremely large gatherings are held regularly (sometimes as often as hourly) and at these many of the techniques used by the most advanced cult leaders are employed to reinforce values and enhance commitment, for instance, confessions, crying, recording really bad public speakers, sharing possible future success stories, and singing, yodeling, playing the accordion, soap bubble contests, fondling fish, writing "I love Amway" ten times with your tongue on a dirty chalkboard, smiling and bouncing around the room, anchoring, practicing a foreign languages, and many other techniques. 

Participants are expected to conform to a strict dress code jacket and very ugly ties for men, smart snappy dresses and jackets for women--no pants and no underwear allowed at evening events.  Many good cult candidates hearing about the deliberately manipulative techniques used by multi-level marketing groups shrug their shoulders and say "So what?" I own some ugly ties, I like hamburger helper, what's wrong with that? 

Unfortunately dropping out of Amway and similar groups may not be simple or totally harmless. In the present economic climate people who have been retrenched are turning desperately to Amway to find some kind of income and purpose in life. And also learned the importance of cleaning products and what can be done intimately with soap in the bedroom. 

Because of their situation they are often extremely vulnerable emotionally and Amway uses this mercilessly. A typical recruitment pitch would include the phrases "Do you have the courage to make significant changes in your life?", Do this for your children's sake," "Our only failures are quitters," and "Doesn't your family deserve what Amway can give them [materially]? "Do you and your family like cherry or lime KOOL-AID?" 

Gnostic Media Brain Database:

 "Such highly charged language, when aimed at vulnerable people in large groups and backed up with a constant stream of audio tapes which those who are truly committed to success will use conscientiously and diligently," and as every successful cult leader knows can be extremely effective.  But if you are not a whiz bang seller, or are a rookie cult leader, consider everybody you know that once was signed up for Amway long ago, it is very easy to "fail" at Amway. 

Coming on top of retrenchment, the resultant self doubt and the guilt that Amway plays on can cause great distress and real depression. Even if you are an inexperienced cult leader, most shame based people are easy to win over. One ex-Amway wife told me: 

"My marriage, which was struggling along on a minimal income due to Joe's [husband] retrenchment, couldn't survive a dose of Amway as well."...If you are introduced into a cult direct marketing scheme that does not demand control of your lifestyle, relationships and values, your garage space, having to eat cases of peanut butter, having to hang out at malls, having to form an intimate relationship with the UPS, FEDEX man, dubbing and redubbing old Amway tapes for motivation, and insisting on people owning kitchen tables if they are going to be your friend, then maybe it can be a satisfying job.  But beware those that offer "Not just a career but a way of life, and we will give you the best orgasm you ever had." They could be even more skilled then you. Practice on your friends until you get it right! 

 The former university chaplain who now runs a counseling and therapy service for those affected by cults, listened carefully as the man explained: 

It was two days after he had been seen on national television, helping a young man break away from an "Empowering" group he had joined a year earlier was taking over his life.  There were the huge meetings at venues like the Hyatt Regency and Conference Center where he and thousands of other followers were worked into a passionate frenzy and then told to go out and find as many people they could to recruit who needed to find the inner "Personal Power" as well. 

The powerful doctrine that frowned on "lower personal standards" or "negative emotional" influences; there was the strict code and the advice on how to bring up children and relate to loved ones as well as how and what to eat and breath when; there was the fear that to quit would mean giving up all hope of a happy and successful future. 

However, having seen the television infomercial featuring the cult leader, the man now alleged that he was being subjected to mind control techniques and being manipulated by those "Personal Coaches" in the organization. He wanted advice on making a possible break. He asked which cult the man was in. "It's not a cult. It's not a religion. It's something called owning your personal power."  Support groups headed by senior cult leaders within the personal power organization are adopting cult-style tactics to recruit and motivate
those below them. 

Help groups, Cult Information Centers are receiving calls from worried seminar participants and their families, concerned about the techniques being used to keep them in the organization.



Ever wonder what kind of "God" requires death and blood sacrifice including himself? 

Do you ever wonder why (Christian) god created a system that would result in him having to be murdered? 

God created this system of sins and killing for sacrifice to repent (it was animals at first), which resulted in so much sin he had to sacrifice himself? ...He came up with all this, right? How/why did he create beings with such sinful natures, and such a violent way to resolve it? It wouldn't have been "necessary" if he hadn't come up with the whole plan in the first place. 

He murdered himself for you.

 They don't call it "TELEVISION PROGRAMMING" for nothing.






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